Apartment buildings over the lake in Zegrze

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: private
  • Area: 4 044 m2
  • Location: Jadwisin
  • Status: Design development

The office was commissioned to develop proposal of two buildings with apartments for holiday rentals on the Zegrze Lake, in a village 27 km north of Warsaw, weekend destination for the inhabitants of the capital.

The proposal consists of two buildings. The bigger one is composed of two volumes facing the lake, sharing common underground car park. The smaller one is set aside on the plot and compliments existing development, visually closing the building into a block.

The key objective of the proposal was to take the most of such a privileged location and to integrate the buildings in a best possible way into the surroundings. The shape of the bigger building mimics the curves of the terrain so that it fits in naturally and opens itself to the impressive landscape.

All apartments have got large terraces with a beautiful view, overlooking the Zegrze Lake. In addition, the last floor flats have access to green roofs. To provide more privacy to the users, there are movable shutters in all windows. This element brings also some diversity to the simplicity of the façade.

 The proposal uses simple yet elegant palette of light colored materials contrasted with dark wooden cladding. Smooth, horizontal composition of projecting white floor slabs is modern and minimal and might remind of sailing traditions of the place.