Department of Sculpture Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
  • Area: 2.304 m2
  • Status: Design idea competition
  • Location: Warsaw

The participants of the competition were asked to provide proposals for new the Sculpture Department of Academy of Fine Arts. In this case, it meant an intervention in a very particular place. Department of Sculpture moved in to the former urban sanitation facilities, built in the beginning of XX century. The complex, being an example of industrial architecture of that time, is distinguished by closed layout. The whole area is surrounded by brick wall, hiding the inner life of the Academy- courtyards and department buildings.

In our proposal, we wanted to keep that logic and add new parts in a process of natural development. The main idea was based on adding another courtyard, that would become space for exhibitions, informal meetings and relaxation. All new parts keep modern, rough character that do not pretend to be historical buildings, but at the same time, fit into industrial context.