SARP Competition for the Architectural and Urban Concept of the Stanisław Wyspiański Museum in Krakow

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: National Museum in Krakow
  • Stage: competition project
  • Location: Krakow, Al. 3 Maja 1

The Stanisław Wyspiański Museum, located in the immediate vicinity of the National Museum, is a building dedicated to one artist whose output must remain hidden behind its walls, due to its protection from daylight.
The building, in accordance with the Employer’s intention, should have features that will allow it to be identified with the author of the works presented in it, and the heart of the designed building should be the exhibition of the monumental stained glass project, God the Father.
So we decided that light should be the building block of the vote. Light as one of the guiding materials used by Wyspiański, light as a frame for individual elements or solids, and as the “painter” of the entrance hall.