Science and technology park in Opole

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: City council of Opole
  • Area: 7 230 m2
  • Status: concept
  • Location: Opole, Poland

Science and technology park in Opole is supposed to become a place where young entrepreneurs, artists and businessman would work and meet. The aim is to create a space that would provide suitable working conditions and at the same time encourage fairly informal atmosphere stimulating innovative thinking.

The concept is developed on the basis of a cube as a self-sufficient working unit. All units are arranged round central space, with windows facing the courtyard. The light can penetrate the interior of each cube through large glazing. The attention of a person working inside is not being distracted by any undesired rush outside, as all parking places are located in a distance.

The essential part of the design is the common area of the Project NR 5. This multifunctional zone is meant to be a place where the users would be able to find relaxing peace of mind, do some sports or have a coffee with friends, the place is open to any activity encouraging the flow of information and exchange of knowledge.