Polonia Warsaw Stadium, 2nd prize in the SARP competition

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: CITY OF WARSAW
  • Status: competition project
  • Location: Polonia Sport Center, Warsaw, Konwiktorska street
  • Second place in the architectural and urban competition of SARP for the concept of developing the Polonia Center

We decided to design a stylistically coherent urban premise, where public spaces are designated by public buildings with frontage architecture, talking to the neighborhood. All new volumes are about 15 m high so as not to dominate the buildings along Konwiktorska Street and above all Traugutta Park. All buildings are made of the same solid material as concrete. Thanks to these decisions and the “sliding” of the roofing from the existing building maximally towards the (intended to be preserved) turf, the existing grandstand together with the accompanying pool and sports hall facilities have again become the “main player” of the assumption. The facade divisions of the historic building have also become an excuse to look for the right proportions of the designed buildings. Colonnades of buildings flanking the square, high pedestal of new stands and material homogeneity are aimed at “stitching” the new with the old into a logical whole with obvious, after all, diversity.