Spa Hospital “Mieszko” in Kamień Pomorski

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: Polish Spa
  • Gross Floor Area: 9.734 m2
  • Status: Design competition- 2nd Prize
  • Location: Kamień Pomorski

The objective of the investment is to extend Spa Hospital “MIESZKO” in Kamień Pomorski.

In our proposal, the newly designed volume was placed at a southern part of a property- from the present backroom site. This kind of a solution allowed to respect a historical axial layout.

The buildings divide park onto two clear sections, that enfold the historical building from the eastern and western side.

New building consists of two wings on a plan of letter “C”, which are connected with a lower, glass volume, providing access to the Hospital “Mieszko” and a salt pool located on the southern site.

The main entrance is located in the eastern wing, nearby the existing water eye. In this area the driveway for ambulance is situated as well. The entrance area was enriched with landscape design elements.