Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 1st prize in the competition

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Project description

  • Year:
  • Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Status: competition- 1st Prize
  • Location: Warsaw

We faced ambitious task of designing interior of Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, dating from 1929-1938. The aim was to restore it in a way that would bring back its former glory and improve functional and aesthetic qualities of a representative state buildings. The project aims to create modern, but at the same time, rooted in tradition, image of the Polish State that would successfully meet today challenges.

The interior was refurbished and redesigned several times throughout the decades. This process had left it altered with many architectural elements that do not necessarily work out when applied together. The project intends to preserve those most valuable of them, and to introduce a new quality, strengthening the existing parts.

The main design strategy was to use large planes of muted taupe and white colors. The narrow range of color variation was contrasted with a wide variety of textures and materials. Different light reflection qualities allowed to create dynamic tension and to emphasize the importance of key spots in that space.